( M A Y ) O B S E S S I O N S

Things that I am obsessed with right now:


Okay, so I’m always obsessed with Anthropologie. But the cover of their May catalog is absolutely perfect. Still thinking of how I can justify all of those bracelets at $18+ a pop, but I’m working on it.



So everyone knows that I hate/never exercise. But hiking has been a great start to my mornings and the perfect time to catch up on girl talk!

Breyers Oreo Birthday Ice Cream

Cookies ‘n Creme is my favorite ice cream anyway, but this ice cream has got to be sprinkled with crack or something. It is amazing! SO amazing I had it for lunch today. Not with, just for.

Smoked Salmon & Baguettes

My parents got a smoker and it makes the most amazing-melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon ever. Yesterday I picked up some smoked salmon and a demi baguette at the store to get my fix. Under 500 calories and less than $10!


I kind of like how fast May is flying by. It’s nice feeling like I’ve come a long way since the start of the month!

Bird Cages

Saw this at Cost Plus the other night and am DEFINITELY going back to purchase it this week!

“The Killing”

I stopped watching TV a couple years ago after like 15 of my favorite shows got cancelled all at once, but I feel super out of the loop so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I couldn’t get into “Breaking Bad” so I started the first season of “The Killing” and am addicted only two episodes in. Highly recommended.

Red Pears

Why was I never told that red > green?!


One of my favorite hobbies is planning my next trip at all times. This month I got to travel to Denver and on Thursday I’m off to St. Louis for the long weekend! I also just booked San Fran for July and am in the final planning stages for NYC this summer as well. You can never travel too much, too much to explore!

Packers Hoodie

I have been waiting for this to go on sale in the off season and it just arrived this week! So comfy and perfect for when I’m cold at the bar on football Sundays :)

Norah Jones & Garbage

Both kind of old school, right? Norah Jones’ new album “…Little Broken Hearts” is so so good and completely makes me wish that she would team up with Scarlett Johansson whom I hate as an actress but love as a singer (and if you didn’t know she could sing, listen to her album “Break Up” with Pete Yorn which is one of my most favorite albums ever). “Not Your Kind of People” is the first album from Garbage that I have paid attention to since I was in middle school aka “Verizon 2.0″ which I still listen to (a lot). Pretty sure this is one of the first albums anyone else has paid attention to for a while also, and Shirley Manson & Co. do not disappoint. So far I am loving it!

[[ Song of the day :: "Happy Pills" by Norah Jones :: because it has a really good tune to write to ]]


Okay – so I’m a pretty smart cookie.  Yes, seriously.  Don’t be fooled by the gold hoops or my ridiculous overuse of the word “like” in everyday conversation.

(I’m trying.)

I taught myself how to play the piano when I was like 5 and started taking algebra classes in 3rd grade – because obviously 9 year old girls want to go to school on Saturdays, too!  In high school I wrote programs on my TI-83 calculator (I swear I had a life) and graduated in the top 10% of my class.  I took a whole semester of astronomy which means I could totally probably  find my way back home using only the stars as my guide if I ever got lost (no need to test out this theory).  I graduated college cum laude and with  honors even though it felt like I was majoring in Maloney’s more than marketing.  I can rock the shit out of Jeopardy! and remember events and details based on what outfits people were wearing (probably because I do too much Facebook stalking but I’m just going to pretend it’s because I have a photographic memory).

But somewhere along the way, my learning curve got fucked.  And I’m not just talking about a plateau, here.  We are well beyond that, folks.  I’m talking about a full on reverse-learning-curve situation.

I just learned what HTC phones are.  I still have no idea what “Blu-Ray” means.  I had to switch from Cox to DIRECTV and barely know how to use the new remote so I DVR Nurse Jackie three separate times every week so at least one records for sure.  I’ve only played Wii once which is way over my head (and still not as awesome as old school Zelda on regular Nintendo). 

I still don’t know how to use half of the features on my iPhone (and the only half I do know is thanks to Natalie), although I recently learned that there is a CAPS LOCK option and that Siri would rather not say if she likes black men or not.  Skype is a little too complicated and I have no idea what this Spotify business is.  I don’t understand Twitter, Google+, or RSS.  I have no idea how to fully cancel my old Hotmail account so I’m just not logging in again.  Ever.  Even this blog is a big leap for me, which I’m sure is pretty evident since it’s not super fancy (yet).

Usually I give my parents a hard time about not knowing how to use Facebook or not knowing how to use T9 (Mom/Dad: that’s the predictive texting on the old phone so you don’t have to type one letter at a time) or the fact my dad still pretty much chicken pecks at the keyboard.  But who am I to talk?  I’m not sure when I morphed into a crazy old lady dinosaur who no longer knows how to keep up with the modern world, but that is definitely one of my new goals – to get with it. 

Who knows?  Maybe the love of my life is waiting for me to waltz into Best Buy so we can talk about gigabytes, megapixels, and the pursuit of happiness

[[ Song of the day :: "Your Name On A Grain Of Rice" by Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers :: because RCPM is super good summer music ]]


So since we’re right in the middle of my two favorite sales of the year (FYI, the Half-Yearly sale starts next week), what better time for a lesson in Mollynomics?  Similar to Reaganomics, there are four pillars to this school of thought and it is most certainly just as controversial.  But don’t worry – this is no opinion piece on taxes or government spending or deregulation and since high school was a really long time ago, can anyone remind me on the fourth part?  No – Mollynomics is way more fun that that!  See?  Even good ol’ Ron agrees.

#1: Actual price

If something is on sale, remember to deduct the amount you are saving from the current sale price of the item and that is the actual price of the item.  I mean come on people, savings are savings, right?

Example: If an item is on sale from $100 to $80, you are saving $20.  Deduct your $20 savings from $80 and you’re really paying $60.  This means if an item is 50% off, apply the 50% you are saving towards the 50% sticker price which means it is essentially free!!!

#2: CPU (Cost Per Usage)

The cost per usage is calculated by dividing the price of the item by the estimated number of uses.  It is much more important than the price tag.  If this item is something you are going to wear or use often, than the CPU will be lower therefore making it cheaper.

Example:  You buy a super cute dress for a Vegas trip from Forever 21 for $24.80.  You rock that dress and party hard all night on the Strip and you have 84 Facebook pictures to prove it (which means you can never wear this again because even if you wore it a year ago, if someone was just stalking your profile, you may as well have worn it yesterday).  You get one good wear out of it – let’s even say two because you somehow convinced yourself no one would remember (okay seriously, please refer to the last parenthetical statement) which means the best CPU scenario is $12.40.  But take a pair of Tory Burch sandals for $225.  Even if you assign them a lifetime of only one year and you wear them just twice a week for six months out of the year (sorry if I lose any of you here, you know us Asians and our crazy math skills) you’re looking at 2 wears x 4 weeks x 6 months = 48 wears or a mere $4.69 per use!  It’s amazing what items are actually the “cheapest” in your closet!

#3: Net Spending

Net spending is an important piece of Mollynomics to remember when there is any unexpected cash flow.  Whether it be a surprise bonus at work, money you found in a coat pocket (that has still never happened to me), or a winning Scratchers ticket – what if you had never gotten this unexpected money?  What if it had never happened? Well if you decide to splurge and treat yourself to something nice, then it is like it never happened.  So as long as you don’t spend more than what you came into, your net spending is really just zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Example:  I recently moved and did a massive clean out of my closet and made a small fortune from friends/Buffalo Exchange by selling most of it. (PS It was the Buffalo Exchange on 7th St/Missouri – happy shopping!)  But what if I had never taken the initiative to actually clean out my closet?  Then I never would have come into this extra money that I wasn’t even counting on anyway.  Plus Saks’ Friends & Family sale had started which is my absolute favorite sale of the year – so what’s the harm?  Don’t worry, I didn’t spend more than I made, so aside from the new purse and shoes that magically found their way to my closet, it’s like it never really happened.  My net spending was zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Just the way I like it.

#4: Revolving Credit

No, I’m not talking about credit cards.  I’m talking about store credit.  If you make a purchase and find yourself needing to return something (I’m the queen of returns – if it still has a tag on after 3 weeks, it’s going back) you have two options – refund or store credit.  If you choose a refund, you’re back to #3 because it’s essentially like new money.  If you choose store credit, well now you’ve established some revolving credit.  Revolving credit allows you to get the satisfaction out of shopping without an increase in your net spending.

Example:  It’d be fair to say that for every $100 I spend at Forever 21, a majority of that for sure will be returned because it will never end up getting worn.  By returning it, I’m saving money because I’m not wasting money by keeping something I am never going to wear and by using my revolving credit aka store credit I have zero out of pocket costs.  So my inner shopaholic hibernates for a while because I get all the benefits of shopping – all without actually dropping a dime!  (Okay, I know technically it has cost me something when I made the original purchase, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it the second time around and let’s not dwell in the past, okay?)

So in summary, yes – this is a tad extremely unconventional.  Yes – it is not to be taken (totally) seriously.  Yes – I’m sure Suze Orman would give me a hell of a swing if she ever read this insanity.  But hopefully you are able to take something away from today’s lesson and you can thank me later when it helps justify your next amazing purchase.

P.S. If after reading this, you’re thinking “Yes!  Thank God tomorrow is pay day!  I’m going to put this shit to good use!” – you’ve scored an A+.  Good job.  I have taught you well, young grasshopper.

[[ Song of the day :: "Nobody Told Me" by John Lennon :: because I am kind of obsessed with all things John/Paul/George/Ringo]]


This week, my friend Ashley asked me and four other women to be guest writers on her blog “Oh Wells Instead of What Ifs” about a woman that inspires us.  Read what we all have to say (and catch the rest of her amazing blog) at:


[[Song of the day :: "Let 'Em In" by Paul McCartney :: IDK why! It's so freaking catchy!]]


So in the spirit of Mother’s Day yesterday, let’s talk about the four most amazing moms I know.  For those of you who don’t know, I am adopted which means that I am extra lucky to have found these four women in my lifetime.  Okay, well I guess my brother Gabe gets the credit for finding Mary, but you know what I mean :)

Thank you to my sister-in-law Mary for being smart crazy enough to sign up to become a Fuzat and bringing all of your spirit and love to our family.  You are an amazing mother and Xavier and Isaac are lucky to have you.  I am SO proud of the little men they are becoming!  PS I also feel like sometimes you’re in charge of three kids (including my brother – sorry Gabe, but you know it is true) so thank you for being such a patient mother whose sense of humor is intact at all times!

Thank you to my sister Annie for adding four little munchkins to our growing family – those kids are truly blessed to have you as their mother.  No matter how hectic life gets, you handle it gracefully and all moms should take a cue from you on how to keep it together.  Even in the midst of the craziness, however, I hope you don’t doubt for a second how wonderful of a mother you are.

Thank you to my Nana Janet for being such a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.  You have displayed more strength over the years than anyone I know and I hope I will be able to be as strong as you when I need to be one day.  Thanks for raising me on soap operas and Price is Right, raising us all as Packers fans whether we liked it or not, and always always supporting me.  We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives.

And the final thanks goes to my mother Jackie.  My favorite cook and my favorite shopping partner.  My confidante and my best friend.  Thank you for always being there for me even when I don’t ask for help (or think I needed any).  Thanks for putting up with all of my bullshit and always having just the right amount of sarcasm and humor at just the right time to lighten my mood.  Thanks for being the kind of mom that I want to be some day and for being the kind of mom that I want to make proud every day.

I hope you all had an AMAZING Mother’s Day – you certainly deserve it.

[[Song of the day :: "Vasoline" by Stone Temple Pilots :: because it's super good to write/drive really fast to (don't worry, I'm not doing both at once)]]


December 5, 2009.

That’s the day that I became a vegetarian.  (Technically I’m a pescatarian because I eat fish, but most people think I’m making that word up because they’ve never heard it before, so I learned real quick it is easiest to stick with calling myself vegetarian.)

People always ask me why I became a pescatarian vegetarian – and my answer?

I just decided to.

No, it is not because I am some radical animal loving hippie taking a stance against man’s war on the natural world because I morally object to slaughtering God’s creatures for food that I don’t want to eat anyway because I’ve seen that “Food Inc” business and know all animals these days are pumped full of steroids and shit that will destroy my body aka my temple so don’t mind me while I enjoy my organic fruits and veggies in peace because I have a clear conscience and don’t have to worry about being reincarnated into a pig because FYI, karma’s a bitch (just like the bumper sticker on my Subaru says). Yikes.

I really just decided to.  And yes, it was that easy.  At first it started out as a why-the-hell-not?! moment.  I had had an ahi salad for lunch and a black bean burger for dinner the day before – so clearly I was practically already a full-on vegetarian.  Then I started to tell people (as in I posted it as my Facebook status after thinking about it for all of 5 seconds) so I had to follow through now that I had announced it to the entire world like an idiot.  I remember the first time I went to Postino after my strike on meat began and having a secret mini panic attack when I realized I couldn’t order my favorite panini and had no idea what to do because hi, I always order the prosciutto and brie.

The hardest part was that I was just horrible at following rules (mostly because I hate following them).  I can literally justify anything and I was constantly bracing for my inner voice to butt in with some totally jacked up logic that would allow me to jump back on the meat bandwagon and return to my normal habits that didn’t require extra thought (like what I would order instead of prosciutto and brie) without feeling stupid or admitting defeat.  But it never came.  Becoming and remaining a vegetarian quickly turned into a challenge to see how long I could stick with it and then evolved into a valuable lesson in self-discipline.  Truthfully, I’ve never really missed meat at all.

Since then I have chosen to “give up” a lot of different things – whether it be an unhealthy food, a negative person, or any other general bad habit.  I figure if it was that easy to give up meat, surely I can give up anything else if I set my mind to it.   Some things I have given up permanently, others for short stints, some for curiosity’s sake to see if I could live without them, others because I know I should  live without them.  Each time has reinforced what I started to learn the day I gave up meat.  Nothing will happen unless it is my decision.  I’ll never change my ways unless I truly want to in the first place.  That I need to stop making excuses just because I’m too lazy to try something new or too scared to push myself for fear of failing.  That some things I’m giving up don’t add any value to my life so just keep focusing instead on what does.  That the biggest hurdle is just establishing new habits until they become second nature.  If I consider it as another item on my “to do” list, it seems less like the overwhelming change it is and more like a simple decision that I choose to make every day.  Trust me, it’s satisfying.

So two and a half years ago I gave up meat.  But I also gave up excuses.  There are still some things on my “to do” list, but I have come a long way from where I was and it feels great.

[[Song of the day :: "Cannonball" by Damien Rice :: because it's Damien Rice and if you don't have any of his music you should really be downloading some, stat.]]


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!  I am having an AMAZING day so far and thought I’d share my recipe for total birthday success

P.S.  You’re welcome.

Sleep in a little

Don’t feel bad about skipping a work out -  technically you’ve done a lap around the sun, and isn’t that exercise enough for one day?

Bust your butt the day before so it’s okay if you are totally worthless at work the day of

(This has worked out excellent for me today, BTW)

Treat yourself to something nice some nice things

(This is one of my birthday presents to myself this year!)

Avoid restaurants where the staff will sing/dance/make you wear hats – it’s awkward for everyone involved (including the other people at the restaurant who don’t want to be involved)

Calories don’t count

So don’t even think about skipping dessert

Surround yourself with friends and family

Wait 365 days…

Rinse and repeat

[[Song of the day :: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction :: because I'm not (totally) ashamed to admit it]]



I stumbled upon a Facebook note that some of my sorority sisters and I did last Spring where we listed and shared some of our beliefs.  Mine was titled “26 beliefs for 26 years” (how old I was at the time) and I’m happy to report that many of my “beliefs” have remained the same.  Obviously there were a few changes, however I think this just about sums it up:

  1. I believe tan lines and speed limits are evil.
  2. I believe you should always wear bigger earrings than you think you can pull off.
  3. I believe that all daughters eventually become their mothers and it makes me very glad I am my mother’s daughter.
  4. I believe I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
  5. I believe the CPU is more important than a price tag.  FYI: CPU = Cost Per Usage in Mollynomics.
  6. I believe that even if you find out you made a bad decision, it’s never too late to start over and begin to make it right.
  7. I believe in second chances, gold jewelry, singing out loud, classic rock, shopping it off, and lots and lots of hairspray.  (My hair is much less flammable now than it was when I was 26,)
  8. I believe the mall is church, shopping is prayer, and Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are gods.
  9. I believe I have the most incredible family in the world and don’t mind one bit if all my good luck was used up in finding my way to them in this lifetime.
  10. I believe in everything most everything the psychic in Flagstaff next to Granny’s Closet told me junior year of college.
  11. I believe in working to live, not living to work.  I think some believe this means it’s okay to be lazy.  I don’t believe in that.
  12. I believe in forgiveness.
  13. I believe in ranch dressing almost as much as I believe in people not calling it fat girl’s ketchup while I’m eating it.
  14. I believe I am old enough to know better, but too young to give a rat’s ass. for people to stop calling me “hon” and “sweetie”.  Thanks.
  15. I believe in awkward situations.
  16. I believe in not holding it against Republicans that they are Republican.  (See #12)
  17. I believe everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.
  18. I believe there is a 99% chance I will not make it back from Mardi Gras alive. keep going to Tequila Sunrise as long as someone will come with me!
  19. I believe my nephews teach me how to see everything again for the first time.
  20. I believe Nintendo got way too confusing once there were more than just A & B buttons.
  21. I believe with any stroke of luck, in ten years I’ll still be in my twenties ready to take on the next big thing at all times.
  22. I believe the best way to end the worst day is on a patio with a cold beer and some type of cheese situation.
  23. I believe my friends know how to put on one hell of a tailgate.
  24. I believe everything happens for a reason and it took a long time for me to realize that doesn’t necessarily mean everything happens for my reason.
  25. I believe tequila and sake are is worth the hangover.
  26. I believe life’s too short but if you put your mind to it, it could also be just the right amount of time.

[[Song of the day :: "Electrical Storm" by U2 :: because it is one of the best songs ever.]]


In other news, I’m turning twenty-something for one of the last times ever  tomorrow.

I remember how a few years ago, some friends and I were talking about the future and we all agreed that in ten years…we all wanted to be in our twenties. I know, I know. Age is only a number. But it’s not the number I am going to miss, it’s the feeling.

Remember when you were in the 20-24 check box? That age where you think you morph into an adult overnight just because you’re trading up “T” words – goodbye teens, hello twenties! You just start coming into your own (even though you realize now you had no clue what the hell you were doing) and it feels like the entire world is at your fingertips (well, you were right about that part). It’s when you stop using a fake ID and start growing up. Finish college and begin your career. Earn your first real paycheck and start paying bills – lots and lots of bills. Break out of your comfort zone and make a life for yourself. You feel like no matter how old you get, you’ll always have the spirit of a 21 year old. You keep changing your job, your goals, your outfit, and your mind until you think you’ve got it just right, and then…

You’ve graduated to the 25-29 check box! I know. That came out of nowhere. And just as time marches on, so do we. Down very different roads. You’re used to having the same basic agenda as everyone else, but now it’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” time. You start doing things for yourself instead of what others expect (or want) you to do. You start settling down, or at least “calming down”, and re-prioritizing your life. Sometimes on the weekends you pretend you’re still in college, but you’re secretly grateful you’re not. You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at and you don’t want to lose momentum for a second. People start going through all of the”firsts” – first promotion, first house, first marriage, first child…first layoff, first foreclosure, first divorce. You watch people crash and burn then rise and soar, and sometimes you’re the one being watched. You have a quarter-life crisis (or five) and you don’t know if it’s because you refuse to settle or because you can’t make up your mind.

And that’s when you learn that everything is susceptible to change and you’ll never be able to guess what will. That time flies by the older we get. That all those “life plans” you made when you were in high school, then college, then 20-24, and now 25-29 should be thrown out the window because you don’t deserve to limit yourself to a blueprint of what you thought your life should be like by a certain age. Your life is exactly as it should be right now – and even if it’s not, you realize you’ve still got time to figure it all out.  Because once you give up trying to map out your life on a timeline, a milestone birthday like 30 doesn’t seem so hideous anymore. And if you’re lucky like me, you’ll even be excited for what the next check box has in store for you.

So cheers to being twenty-something (in my case 27, soon to be 28) and everything else that comes after.

[[Song of the day :: "Tumbling Dice" by The Rolling Stones :: because I'm really good at singing it out loud]]


I spent the weekend in Mile High City – one of my absolutely favorite cities.  I first fell in love with Denver when I was out there for a month for work in November 2008 and I haven’t been able to stay away since.  It’s a gorgeous city filled with the friendliest people and an urban feeling that I can only hope Phoenix is able to duplicate one day.  Plus it has three Nordstroms and Phoenix only has two.

The weekend was full of a lot of activities, including a Derby fundraiser party where we got to dress up in some amazing  outfits, soak up some sun, and sip on mint juleps (which I am never drinking again, FYI).  Highly recommended and I am officially confirming my attendance for Denver Derby 2013.

There are a lot of reasons why I am so drawn to Denver.  It’s where I started my career, dated my first hippie, celebrated weddings and birthdays, tested my inner strength by running around in a strapless dress and heels in negative 10 degree weather, and it’s where I’ve had some of the absolute best times of my life.  Plus, it’s called MENver for a reason.  In many ways, it has become a “second home” to me, and it is the only place I will willingly (green) couch surf.  What I love most about Denver though is that it’s where I have made many new friends and cultivated some of my dearest friendships.  The city has become a backdrop to much in my life, so every time I head back for a weekend I can’t help but think how far I’ve come since my first trip out there four years ago.

As I’ve mentioned, there have been a lot of changes in the last few months and even in the last few weeks.  Some of these changes I have made myself, but of course life isn’t so predictable (or kind).  The hurdle comes with the changes you have no say over as you try and survive the whirlwind of self-doubt, hurt, confusion and regret that can follow.  Everything has been a cluster the last few months and I have been desperately trying to figure out how to get myself back on track.  Then this weekend, something happened.

What happened?!  What did you learn?!

Hold on people.  I by no means had a eureka moment that will rival whatever The Secret says (still on my list of books to read, by the way).  I thought about how much had happened since my last trip to Denver – how much I had changed as a person and how much had changed around me.  I thought about all that might happen before my next  trip to Denver and got really excited about all of the potential and possibility of where my life would be at by that point.  And that was the exact perspective I needed – like no matter how hard it is going to be facing some of these changes going on around me, by the time I am on a plane to Denver next, I’ll have made it through.

So for now, that’s my POA (plan of action) – save my energy and love for people who deserve it in my life and cherish the love and support that I receive back.  Continue to grow and learn and push myself to become the best possible version of myself that I can be.  Keep moving forward and don’t ever look back.

And if life ever becomes so overwhelming that I need an escape to take a breather and regroup – well I hear the view is absolutely stunning from a mile high.

[[Song of the day:: "Who'll Stop the Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival :: because sometimes you just need some CCR in your life.]]

B I E N V E N U E !

So I have officially decided to take the plunge and start my own blog.  This idea just came into fruition within the last 24 hours but I’ve already received a lot of questions/comments about my new project – some that I had not even contemplated yet myself.

Why are you starting one?

2012 has been such a year of change for me that I have just been trying to hang on and enjoy (read: survive) the ride.  I want to be able to sort out my thoughts when things get crazy, bridge the distance with faraway friends and family, share any inspiration or motivation I pick up along the way, and preserve the memories and feelings that I want my future self to remember.  And I just have a lot of commentary.  At all times.

What is it going to be about?

Oh shit, did I seriously forget to come up with a pre-approved response to this question?  While truthfully the answer is “TBD”, my official statement is “It will be very Molly-like and that’s all you need to know”.

Is there going to be a lot of swearing in your blog?  Because you completely type like you talk.

Sounds like you already know the answer to that one, but thanks for asking.

What does “je ne sais quoi” mean and why did you pick that as your title?

“Je ne sais quoi” literally translates to “I don’t know what” which certainly sums up my feelings right now about this newborn blog – I don’t know what (the hell I’m doing).  But the JNSQ I am really referring to is defined as “something that cannot be adequately described or expressed”.  The best example I can give is the ridiculously amazing way that French women dress – they have the ultimate JNSQ – that certain something that many women have attempted to mirror but always fail to achieve.  But let’s talk a little more about moi, shall we?  The more I grow and learn about myself, the better I understand what my own “je ne sais quoi” is all about.  So that’s why I picked it as my title – because I love this idea of identifying and embracing my own JNSQ.  And if other people happen to notice it and love it, well that will be amazing too.

Were you born in France?  Are you French?  What’s with all of this French business?

No, I was made in Korea.

What the hell just happened?  NO.

My dad’s side is French and my family may or may not have a *mild* obsession with all things français.  You’ll get used to it.  Trust me.

SO – with that being said – welcome to my blog, make yourself at home, sorry I don’t have a liquor license to offer you a drink, but stick around and I promise to keep it interesting.  Well… here goes nothing.  Stay tuned!

This was just waiting for me at Z Gallerie on my lunch break today – the perfect addition to my room!

 [[Song of the day :: "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison :: because it's super happy and hippy]]