Random Thoughts

Besides the fact I am obsessed with octopi (FYI technically “octopuses” is also grammatically correct), I can always appreciate a random (albeit meaningless) act of kindness.   This always makes me smile :)


This pretty much sums it up…



I’ve done a great job not sneaking chocolate from my old boss’ desk even though the mini Almond Joys are my faaaaaaaaaavorite!


I’m kind of a math nerd so I think this is awesome.  If you weren’t aware, one of my random goals is to memorize the first 100 digits of pi.  I stopped at 25 a while ago but am renewing my dedication.  Yes, you can start making fun of me…now.


110% true!


Seriously hate drivers that cut me off, especially on my way home from work.  Like you deserve to get home and take your bra off first, bitch!


Not that I play video games, but this is too funny to not share.


Could not agree more.


Love hearing stories like this.  Told you I love random acts of kindness!


Here are some of my favorite yorkie pictures, just because they’re stinking cute…


I realized I have five weddings so far next year, which made me think about how when I was growing up I always wanted to get married in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.  I pretty much pictured it like this…

Amazing, right?  But I know my wedding (whenever that will be) will be a little more like this…

and I am totally okay with the change in plans!


 Even though unicorns don’t exist, I think the message here is to always be excited about life’s possibilities.  And to maybe buy a My Little Pony.




I think the world has a secret too.




I am so excited for FOOTBALL!!!



Some good rules (that most people forget to follow)   :(

I need to find this.  ASAP.

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Letters To My Younger Self || Part VI

Dear Molly,

Congratulations!  You’ve graduated college.  You’re in the big leagues now.  Welcome to the world of responsibility, accountability, work, and bills, bills, bills – aka the “real” world.

The transition will be hard, I’m not going to lie.  It is going to completely suck for a while.  Besides the fact you don’t want to work (you lazy little devil you), you quickly begin to realize you definitely don’t want to have anything to do with the degree you just spent four years working towards.  Shit.  Now what?  Everyone (who has their shit together) tries to assure you that things will get better.  You know they will, you just wish they would ASAP.  It’s really annoying while you struggle to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life and it seems like everyone else has it all figured out.  Really.  Fucking.  Annoying.

So you take a couple months “off” and then start buckling down to find a job.  That first big job comes and you learn a lot and really start developing your professional side.  It is a huge time of change for you.  You move back up to Flag for a while before realizing that you really need to head back to Phoenix for the sake of growth and opportunity and ultimately to face reality.  You’ve outlived your college days.  Now it’s time to really embrace this next chapter.

The following years fly by.  You’ll move into your first place and be so glad you don’t have to tell people that you “live with an older couple” anymore.  You end up changing careers which is scary at first, but it works out for the best.  You’ll make new friends, and you’ll lose old friends.  You’ll start to fall back in love with Phoenix, but you’ll always wonder if you should take a chance and move.  You make some of the scariest decisions you will ever have to in your life.  But you get through it.  You will always get through it.  Sometimes you feel like you’re completely in control and then you feel like you’ll never get it figured out.  You realize everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not for your reason.  You realize how quickly time will pass you by without giving you a chance to catch your breath.  You realize that you need to make the most of it.  So you do.

People keep telling you that your 30s will be way better than your 20s.  You can’t imagine how that can possibly be true because your 20s, although some of the most challenging and emotionally draining years of your life, really are some of the best years of your life.  

I guess that just means the best is yet to come. 

Enjoy the ride.


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Oh Wells Instead of What Ifs

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Letters To My Younger Self || Part V

Dear Molly,

Welcome to your last three years of college.  You’ve ditched the maroon and gold and now you’re officially a Lumberjack.  This is your first time living outside of Phoenix and while it is challenging at first to make a new “home” for yourself, eventually you’ll find that you won’t ever want to leave.

You come to NAU with a plan.  You know you’re going to rush.  You’re going to move into the sorority dorm.  What you don’t know is that even though you have your mind made up on who to join before you even get to school, you’re going to have a really difficult time with your final choice.  Sometimes you’ll wonder what would have happened if you had made a different decision even though you know you couldn’t imagine a life without your new family. 

This is when life really changes for you.  You start breaking out of your shell.  You start making friends that you know you’ll have forever.  Sadly in some cases, “forever” becomes really short, but you start to learn a lot about yourself and your relationships.  You don’t realize it at the time, but you are changing a ton.  Every semester, every year.  You think you’re on the way to becoming the person you want to be, but then you realize what you want is always changing.  It’s frustrating because you think you should have it all figured out by now, but remember that this is the time to explore outside of the comfort zone, to start over, and to take those leaps of faith.

Class is a blip on your radar.  You don’t buy textbooks, and you don’t go to class.  You’re going to graduate with honors, but you’re always going to wonder how well you would have done if you had tried a little harder.  You don’t have to make school your life, but figure out what interests you.  Take more time to decide what you’re going to major in.  Become more involved with the honors college.  Try to be more patient with your group projects even if they are all idiots.  It will affect your grade if your group is not in sync.  Stop talking so fast during your presentations.  It makes you sound panicked, and you already look scared as hell up there.  Don’t take 8am classes your last semester senior year unless you like torturing yourself.  You can thank me later.

So why am I not mentioning all of the fun stuff or warning you on which pitfalls to avoid in these upcoming years?  Because looking back, everything that will happen will make you who you are.  You’re going to make a lot of mistakes – some that you’ll regret, some that you’ll learn from, and none of which you’ll want to take back. You’re going to do a lot of stupid things.  Really, really stupid things.  You’re going to date a lot of stupid boys.  Really, really stupid boys.  But it’s all going to make the ride worthwhile.  You’re going to have a blast.  There’s going to be a lot of parties, a lot of laughter, a lot of heartache, a lot of drama, and lots and lots of memories. 

The only things I want you to remember are to be yourself and to be a good friend.  Stress about school a little less and enjoy the late nights studying with friends a little more.  Cherish your friends and don’t let drama divide you up.  Take more pictures and take more chances.  Wear more jackets because “warmth for fashion” is not the smartest mantra when it’s snowing.  Take advantage of the snow and learn how to ski!  Never turn down a trip to Vegas.  Never turn down a trip anywhere.  Be as kind to people on their power hour as you’d have wanted them to be on yours.  Tip your bartenders nicely.  Don’t drink so many cherry vodka red bulls because they will make you fat.  And always stick around for one more drink.  That’s when the fun happens. 


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Letters To My Younger Self || Part IV

Dear Molly,

Now on to your first year of college.  GO DEVILS

First, don’t sign up for 18 credit hours your first semester.  I know you will have no idea what you’re doing at orientation when you sign up, but that is A LOT.  Commendable, especially since you scored your highest GPAs in college this year, but so not necessary.  Also – don’t even think about signing up for Friday classes.  You may be used to attending school five days a week, but in college – that’s entirely optional!  So repeat after me – NO FRIDAYS.  Oh…and NO 8 AMS.  PS Dropping classes just because they are too far of a walk across campus, aren’t near a Starbucks or Jamba Juice, or have interpreters signing at the front of the class for deaf students that distract you too easily are NOT valid reasons.

You’re going to meet one of your all time favorite teachers in your honors humanities classes.  You will learn a lot (and a lot will fly over your head at first) but luckily your professor will draw analogies between Buddha and the Enuma Elish with Dave Matthews and Disney movies to help it all click.  (Seriously, this happened.)  Don’t be intimidated or hesitant to share your opinions.  You’ll realize that in a lot of your classes, it’s not about having the “right” answer but more about engaging in a class wide discussion.  Enjoy it because these are going to turn out to be the most interesting courses of your college career.

You are going to love dorm life, but your first college rommate is going to be an anorexic/bulimic (yup, you can be both) skanky little bitch and she WILL STEAL YOUR STUFF.  So when your mom says “You don’t have to bring all of your good stuff to the dorm with you” – LISTEN!  You have to put up with her shit for a few months, both of your parents WILL get involved, and she will tell your parents about your fake ID (but you do a good job of convincing them she is just making that up).  BUT eventually you get to move in with roommate #2 who turns out to be one of your best friends in the entire world.  You guys will hate each other’s music but you will love everything else about each other for life.

Yes, you have a crazy meal plan, but stop eating total crap or you’re going to blow up.  Stop wearing J Crew flip flops because you will slip and fall going down the ramp when leaving your Econ class of 500+ people early.  I know it’s fun hanging out with a lot of the people you knew in high school but branch out a little more, please!  Stop cutting the guys’ hair on your floor – you’re not good at it.  You are going to suffer the loss of your oldest yorkie which is super super horrible – but I am just warning you now so you can tell people because when you’re down at U of A for Bid Night, a friend will ask about your dog and you WILL start crying (and they WILL remind you about that for years).  (RIP Max)

Don’t go to Rocky Point freshman year spring break unless you’re NOT going to flip your shit this time when a ton of money is jacked from the hotel room, some friends get arrested, and someone’s car gets stolen.  When you go to LA for the Price Is Right taping, you’re not going to get in unless you freaking spend the night on the sidewalk (no thanks).  But you will win a couple bucks on the Price Is Right slot machine in Palm Springs on the way home (which is almost the same thing, right?).  Oh yeah, and stop gambling so much.  Good lord, lady.  You are not a Blackjack master.  And finally, you can skip that “Let’s go to Nogales for the night” trip too – you just end up fighting with your boyfriend, sleeping in a bathtub, losing a friend somewhere in Mexico, and swearing off tequila for the next 7 years.

You’re going to make some trips up to Flagstaff to visit people at NAU and then make the decision to transfer up your sophomore year.  Good work.  That will be one of the best decisions of your life.  But until then, live it up at ASU.  Do yourself a favor – don’t dye your hair red again, grow up a little, and don’t ever forget what Tom Petty said…

“You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does…”


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Letters To My Younger Self || Part III

Dear Molly,

Welcome to four of the most crazy/fun/experimental/memorable years of your life aka…HIGH SCHOOL! 

Study hard and take school seriously – but remember to have some fun, too.  It’s kind of cool to have some of the same teachers your brothers did ten and twelve years before, and you really hope it earns you some extra points (and with a few teachers, it most definitely does).  You’re going to get your first C junior year in American History AP.  I’m telling you this now so you don’t check the grade and start crying a little.  In public.  It’ll be the only C you’ll ever get, so don’t freak out too much. 

When you don’t want to go to Calculus Camp because that sounds ridiculously boring, don’t let the teacher make you feel really, really bad about NOT going (even though she will try really, really hard).  Don’t spend the night of your 17th birthday crying because you left your Calc book in your locker at school and can’t study for your AP exam the next morning.  You rock the shit out of that test anyway and you’ll wish you had celebrated more and stressed less.

Join clubs and meet new people.  Not all clubs are dorky and it will help break you out of your comfort zone.  Good job though on refusing to join marching band.  Definitely not your thing.  Extra good job on the volunteer work.  Kind of a pain, but it pays off.  You are going to find a really good group of friends that make high school a blast.  But a lot of your friends are going to change too.  Try not to lose contact with the friends you started out with even if you hang out with different groups as time goes on.  You don’t want to look back one day and wish you had made that extra push to stay connected with as many friends as possible.

Don’t worry – school is only a part of the equation.  You do a lot of stupid things all for the sake of a good time.  You party.  A LOT.  You and your friends will def get into some trouble, but the good news is that you will never see the inside of a jail (and you guys make good friends with two of the cops who always patrol Arcadia so they always let you off the hook).  But don’t overstep any boundaries.  I know, it’s hard.  Especially when your parents believe that you and your friends go cosmic bowling every weekend and let you stay out until 4 a.m., right? (Thank you M&D by the way…) 

Two tips only.  #1: Don’t sneak in boys through your window when your parents are out of town because your sister will know, and she will tell.  This will get you grounded for the first (and thankfully last) time on New Year’s Eve sophomore year even though you have a really gorgeous red sequin tank top already picked out to wear.  Your parents will not care.  #2: Don’t drink with your friends in a church parking lot and crank up the Dixie Chicks so loud because “it’s totally your most favorite song ever” because the cops will be called and your parents will find out.  Other than that – I’m not going to spoil it for you because it’s going to be a hell of a good time!

It will be hard in this crowd to not become a little superficial.  You’ll get your first pair of Sevens, your first Kate Spade and Coach bag, and your first Tiffany bracelet…just like everyone else.  Stop letting these brands define you and your friends.  And stop thinking you have to be like everyone else.  You won’t even like Coach logo jewelry or silver jewelry in a few years anyway.  I know it seems like the most important thing at the time, to be like everyone else and have just as much as the next person, but it’s really not.  Instead, focus on the important things in life to define yourself instead.  All of the volunteer work you do, your grades, your friends (when you guys are behaving), your family, your job…that’s the stuff that matters.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to go by in kind of a blur.  Things are going to change a little every year – your workload, your friends, your routine, your social life – but enjoy the present and don’t worry too much about the future just yet.  Don’t be so insecure and don’t let your peers make you feel insecure (and trust me, they will try).  And you will probably guess what I am about to say (again), but I cannot stress it enough…Don’t. Become. A. Mean. Girl.  You do your fair share of evil teenage girl things and you won’t be proud of them.  Eventually you’ll realize the bigger picture , I just hope this time around it’s sooner rather than later.  Remember that you’re not off the hook just because ‘everyone’ does mean stuff too.  Stop being a bitch and try to set an example even if you think it will make you an outcast.  It won’t.  Just be nice and don’t use other people to step on while you try to “move on up”.  Once you graduate you’ll realize there was nowhere “up” for anyone to go.

So have a lot of fun, make a lot of memories, and most importantly – don’t drink vodka out of a plastic bottle no matter how cheap it is!  SO GROSS!


[[ Song of the day :: "Jack & Diane" by John Mellencamp :: a nice song to write nostalgic things to! ]]

Letters To My Younger Self || Part II

Dear Molly,

Congrats!  You’ve made it to middle school where things start to get really fun.  You start wearing make up (thanks Mom and Dad) and reading Teen magazine religiously.  Mom will take you to buy your first bra AND will let you pick out multiple colors.  Best day ever!  PS On that shopping spree you’ll also get a belly chain.  I don’t know who authorized that but PUT. IT. BACK. 

You spend hours and hours at Fashion Square every weekend with your friends and spend waste a lot of money at Claire’s.  Be ready to own up to the fact that you are going to see Titanic and Spice World an embarassing number of times in theaters (while wearing your platform sneakers just so you’re like Ginger Spice).  Also stop running around in jelly platform heels because you will trip on an escalator in front of the entire mall and your knee will be gashing in the Neiman Marcus bathroom for hours (and your knee and pride will be scarred for life).

When you sleepover at your friends’ houses, be extra nice to their parents and don’t feel so awkward – they are not as scary as you think!  Later it will be cool to be friends with your friends’ parents, trust me.  Don’t be so freaked out by “Bloody Mary” and always go to a sleepover prepared with some real good dares so people are scared and take it easy on you when it’s your turn during Truth or Dare.  And stop giggling and squealing so loud when you’re out TPing – this is supposed to be a covert op. 

You’re going to start becoming obsessed with boys.  You get your first ‘boyfriend’ and your first kiss and all you and your friends think and talk and breathe is boys, boys, boys!  And as if middle school boys weren’t enough, your 8th grade year you’re going to take an Algebra class at the high school and start falling in love with the HS boys before you even get there!  You’ve been warned…

When you go to Europe for the first time – don’t ruin the trip for your parents.  You’re a total pain in the ass but they love you anyways so soak in all the culture and sights you are seeing.  Yes, you’re gone for three weeks during the school year which feels like FOREVER – but trust me, everything will be the same when you get back.  And stop chasing down “Titanic” memorabilia everywhere you go – you don’t need all of that Leonardo DiCaprio stuff and you definitely don’t need “Titanic” posters in six different languages (again, thank you Mom and Dad).

Why have I not really mentioned school yet?  Because you literally have the easiest school years of your life here.  You and your friends “do homework” on the back lawn and tan and order in lunch every day.  Sometimes the parents even drop it off to you and your friends (Mom and Dad, you really are my heroes).  So really – soak it up because it is a cake walk until high school.

You will meet some of your favorite teachers and some of your best friends for life.  You start to understand the value of a good friend and begin figuring out who you are.  You are one of the tops of the pyramid in cheer and you’re going to fall off once, but don’t worry – no broken bones!  And lastly, now’s the time when girls start to become real b*tches, and if you’re not careful – you might become one too.  Don’t be a mean girl and don’t be friends with the mean girls.  Remember what I told you about making an effort to include people?  That doesn’t end now that you’re in middle school.  Everyone is going through an awkward phase and handling their insecurities in a different way.  Even though it seems like one of the most challenging and confusing times in your life, it will be one of the most memorable (and responsibility-free) times ever – so HAVE FUN!


[[ Song of the day :: "Wannabe" :: I think we covered why ]]

Letters To My Younger Self || Part I

It’s back to school time and as some of my nephews start a new grade, it makes you think about when you were that young, right?  So these next few blogs are going to be letters I wish my future self could have left for my younger self to read along the way.

First stop? 

Elementary school!

Dear Molly,

 When someone stops the Boyz II Men song early and ends your dance at the 2nd grade talent show before the big finale, don’t cry afterwards with the rest of the girls.  Instead, cheer everyone up.  This is not the end of the world.  Besides, you’re wearing matching tie dye jumpsuits and Keds.  We have bigger problems on our hands.  And while we’re on the subject – stop wearing so many “Guess” shirts and biker shorts.  So awkward.

 Be extra nice to your teachers because they’re working really, really hard for you.  Not that you were ever mean to any of them, but pretty sure your entire classroom is going to make Mrs. Brown cry in fifth grade, just a heads up. 

Actually practice your clarinet – your band teacher is sick of hearing your excuses about how you don’t have much time to practice (like 10 years olds are so freaking busy).  Plus your parents paid extra for those blueberry-flavored reeds, so suck it up and use them!  That brings me to piano – your piano teacher works super hard and is extremely dedicated even if you’re not – so take this seriously and stop being embarassed to practice when people are at home.  They like hearing you and think you’re great.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get (and you become really excellent by the way).

Don’t start swearing yet!  You are way too young for those four letter words, little lady!  And sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to marry KJ and be a basketball wife, so you don’t have to spend so much time writing him letters (but a few won’t hurt). 

Ask your parents to let you wear sandals and sleeveless shirts every now and then so you won’t have such an embarassing farmers tan by the time you hit middle school and discover the world of tank tops and flip flops.  And don’t worry – you’re just a few years away from being able to tweeze those ridiculous eyebrows. 

Don’t fight with your sister.  Give your older brothers privacy.  Listen to your parents, they really do know better.  If you do those things, you’ll probably spend less time holding your dogs hostage just so you can cuddle with them while you cry over who knows what.  Yes, I know, they’re so so cute.  But that reminds me…just because yorkies FIT into small spaces, you and your sister do not have to play hide-and-seek with them!  By no means are you two to put those dogs in the dryer or small dresser drawers!!!

And finally, remember – kids can be mean.  Stand up for others but most importantly stand up for yourself.  Don’t start excluding people just because you are starting to learn what the difference is between ‘popular’ and ‘unpopular’.  Just because you’re learning the words doesn’t mean you have to learn the habits.  Welcome everyone.  You’re going to have these classmates for a really long time and everyone needs a friend along the way.  This is the time to have fun and be free!


Future Molly

[[ Song of the day :: "Love In This Club" by Usher :: Ussssssssshhhhhhhhhhhheeeeerrrrr!!!!!!! ]]

1 0 0 T H I N G S

So remember how I said some of the next books on my August reading list were “The 100 Thing Challenge” and “Throw Out Fifty Things”?  Well I haven’t started reading those yet, but I did want to tackle Phase 2 of my August goals which was to get rid of a lot of total crap I have been hoarding.  I was aiming to get rid of 100 things this morning – which I think is pretty ambitious not only for a Saturday morning, but for a girl who has had a cold all week and just wants to stay in bed until noon.  Getting rid of 100 things is exhausting to even think about, so how do I even know where to begin?!

I decided to tackle one half of my closet – the dresses/tank tops/shirts side – plus my shoes.

I know.  It looks like a mess.  I’m usually pretty organized but we can’t always be perfect, can we?

 So it took about half an hour to do my initial round through everything but I was only at 51 items.  Easy peasy.  Okay – so on to round 2.  I was determined and thought I for sure could get rid of another 49 items, no problem.  By the time I was finished, I had only gotten rid of another 19 items.  WHAT?!  It felt like a lot more. 

Grand total: 70 items. 

Now they are all packed and ready to go to Buffalo Exchange!  If you’re in the Phoenix/Tucson area and have never been to Buffalo, I highly recommend it.  It’s a great place to find some good deals, but more importantly they will buy your clothes!   You get like 35% back in cash of the price they would sell it at or 50% in store credit.  There are other resale shops in the Valley – like Name Brand Exchange, Plato’s Closet, but Buffalo is my #1 (although My Sister’s Closet is a close 2nd).

So maybe it wasn’t the 100 I hoped for, but the day’s not over yet.  I’ve already decided I am not even going to bother with the dreaded winter side of my closet which is hidden in the way way back side on the other half of my closet.  I will deal with that when I do my closet switch when the temperatures finally drop in Arizona (in two long, hot months).

But maybe I’ll tackle my jewelry later if I feel extra ambitious.  I know I’ll definitely be able to find another 30 items to get rid of in a flash in this cluster fuck jewelry armoire…

Plus there are two more drawers.  Dreading this.

Also – I am recruiting someone who wants to help turn my closet into a Pinterest paradise.  I think to start I will need an entirely new bedroom closet, but wouldn’t it be nice to have this closet to walk into every day?

[[ Song of the day :: "Jimi Thing" by Dave Matthews Band :: one of my favorite DMB songs ever ]]

S | A

There is seriously such a thing as Shopaholics Anonymous.  So how do I know this?

1) It’s late Friday afternoon at work and I have severe almost-the-weekend ADD

2) I wanted to find a website that would test if I needed to go!

I’m three days into my month of no shopping, and I’ve resisted the urge to buy a book, a Packers shirt, and the new OPI topcoat with 18k gold flecks in it.  My biggest feat so far is the fact that I ordered three pairs of pants on Monday night (still July, mind you) and then realized I never got an email confirmation.  Well I checked my credit card, and it hadn’t been charged either.  So for some reason I never fully checked out – BOO!  But, since I am an honest girl with loads of integrity – I am NOT reordering them (although I hope to God they are still available by September 1st).

Isn’t is so gorgeous?!

So back to why I was thinking about going to a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting.  I keep thinking about that scene in “Confessions of a Shopaholic” where the group totally harasses her into selling her clothes and although I would never really go to a meeting, nor do I think I am in need of professional help, I find the idea of these groups completely entertaining. 

So I come across this website talking about the 12 steps, how to know if you’re a “spender”, testimonials…and then there’s a page titled “abstinence”.  Random.  So on the “abstinence” page, it basically gives you a list of mental reminders to help you overcome your shopaholic tendencies. 

Here are some of the extra ridiculous ones:

Let friends and family do your shopping for you.

Can they also pick up my dry cleaning and chauffeur me around too?

Go shopping 15-20 minutes before the store closes to limit time spent shopping.

Last time I went into Nordstrom right before close, I came out with six dresses.  And I had tried them on.

Anything you obsess about is probably not OK.

That is the exact opposite of what a normal human being is trained to do – we are only supposed to buy the things we are in love with!  Who are these people?

You will never be hurt by anything you don’t buy.

Actually it does hurt a little bit deep down inside when I see someone else wearing something I wanted to get but resisted buying like a responsible person.  And it’s just salt in the wound when I discover it’s sold out so I can no longer have it for myself.  Sad face.

Pray before entering the store to stay centered.

I always pray that I will find good stuff at Last Chance, but you’re right – maybe I should pray before going into every store!

Don’t keep secrets.  Tell the truth about what you pay for things.

My mom can attest to the fact that this is just not something I am capable of doing.  But she can always tell when I’m lying, so it evens out.

Well that was entertaining and killed 30 minutes…is it 5 o’clock yet???

[[ Song of the day :: "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar :: because we are talking about karaoke at work and this came on and I realized I'd be SO good at singing this! ]]


So like any normal female, I’m totally addicted to Pinterest.  It did inspire me to be crafty at the beginning, but now I really just love it for all of the outfit ideas and the quotes.  There are quotes for every mood, every situation, every emotion – and yes, I have been accused of talking “in Pinterest” before, both in person and via my Facebook statuses.  I figure there are worse crimes.

Well it is late afternoon Wednesday at work which is prime I’m-bored-at-work-let’s-stalk-Pinterest time, so here are a few good ones I’ve seen today.  Enjoy!

Seriously – why don’t I remember this all the time?  I’m a pretty healthy person but sometimes the shit I eat (like how I overdosed on curly fries on Saturday) seriously sicks me out.  Why don’t I always remember this?  I wish I was as motivated to eat as pure and healthy as I do immediately after watching “Food Inc.” or reading “Skinny Bitch”.  But since football season is around the corner…no chance.


I feel like someone who had a really short Starbucks drive thru line and heard their favorite song on their way to work one morning posted this in their cubicle.  I am excited about everything on those mornings too!


I like this.  Down to business.  No fucking around here!


I wonder this too! 

That didn’t sound wistful enough.  Okay.

I wonder this too….


Seriously – what are you waiting for?  Stop saving those cute greeting cards, that party dress, the expensive perfume, or the fancy lingerie for a “maybe one day” moment.  What is it they say?  Oh yeah… #YOLO :)


This about sums it up sometimes.  But the best part is taking that step back into “seeing how much more she can take” territory and realizing just how strong you are.  It reminds me of another favorite Pinterestism of mine – “You don’t realize how strong you are until you need to be.”


And finally, some wise words from one of my favorite girls.  Whenever I see these kinds of quotes (the “few words done in cute colors” kind) I always wonder how someone would sum me up.  What words would they use if they had to describe me on a hot pink purple card?  It kind of helps you refocus on the type of person you want to be, the perfect version of you summed up on a cute little postcard :) 

[[ Song of the day :: "Roll On" by The Little Willies :: because of Norah Jones, duh! ]]